The moment I got really interested in jamming with birds, when a white-crested laughing thrush responded to my tunes, in the National Aviary in Pittsburgh in 2000.


My favorite video from the Brood II cicada emergence, 2013.  One lonely clarinet blends in among the thrum of millions of insects who have appear only once every seventeen years to sing, fly, mate, and die.


Live at the Snøhetta-designed Reindeer Pavilion on the Dovrefjell, Norway.


Live at the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford, November 2013 with 2000 people in the audience and the rainforest sounds of Louis Sarno’s fabulous collection as featured in the film Song from the Forest.


Playing live with humpback whales in Hawaii, rough cut from a French TV documentary.


Whole concert “Bird Whale Bug” from Schumacher College, February 2013.


A concert with my good friend Jaron Lanier at the October Gallery, London, January 2012.


with Petri Kuljuntausta and many birds at the Helsinki Zoo, part of the Grey Cube Festival June 2014.


the 2007 BBC feature-length TV documentary based on my book Why Birds Sing.  See me imitate a slowed-down song thrush and put a song together in Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios…  On YouTube in six parts.


trailer for the film Song of the Cicadas, by Richard Robinson based on a story from my book Bug Music.


discussing the Anthropocene with Bernd Scherer at HKW, Berlin, February 2013.


playing with drones at the Emerge Festival, Phoenix January 2014.



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