Sorry this is out of date, plenty more events happening, I promise I’ll enter them all soon!


Jan. 29th       New York, NY, Apex Art

Feb. 6th       New York, NY, at Pianos with Ben Neill

Feb. 26th     Humanities Center, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh

Feb. 27th     Carnegie Mellon Film Festival, Pittsburgh

Mar. 12th     Centro Leon, Dominican Republic

Mar. 26th     Washington College, Maryland

Apr. 3rd       Istanbul, with Korhan Erel, CD Release Event!

Apr. 15th    Make Music Monthly at the New School, NYC with Charlie Morrow and Dave Soldier

Apr. 22nd    Brooklyn, NY, Shapeshifter with Iva Bittova and John Wieczorek

Apr. 24th    Troy, NY, EMPAC at RPI, with Susie Ibarra and Michael Century

Apr. 30th     Andover, NH, Proctor Academy Earth Day Fest

May 10th    Berlin, with Korhan Erel, Sammlung Hoffmann, CD Release Event!

May 19th    Gutersloh, Germany

May 20th   Erlangen, Germany

May 22nd   Animal Music event, Cafe Jää äär, Berlin

May 23rd   Sofieskirche, Berlin, with Maria Magdalena Wiesmaier and Maximiliam Schnaus

May 28th  Bethesda, MD, at Strathmore

June 24-28   Dolphinity Festival, Canary Islands

Aug. 21-23, NORPAS, Finland

Sep. 5th, Olana, Hudson, NY

Sep. 18th, Stavanger, Norway


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